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The IMC Radio 5

Five minute interviews with the General Aviation leaders and celebrities. We will ask only one question and they will have only three minutes to answer. Pure substance on the subject – just listen – don’t inhale.

The "Plane Talk"

"Plane Talk" is the only talk show in the world exclusively dedicated to the General Aviation and community of pilots. Listen to opinions and commentary about current General Aviation issues and news events with some dose of humor. Also explore all aspects of flying, aviation training, proficiency and safety. Listen to remote guests from different fields of aviation including expert flight instructors. You can call the show live with any aviation related question, suggestion, problem or opinion.

If you have arrived at this page before our scheduled broadcast, you are most likely listening to our most recently recorded broadcasts. Standby for LIVE Transmission!

CALL: 1-855-647-2123;  SKYPE: wimc-radio or text below