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Jon King Roberts the Great

"Plane Guy" #1

 Born in Boston Massachusetts, Jon Roberts has been in the entertainment business, as a Pianist/Vocalist for 35 years. He has written and performed radio jingles for businesses in the New England area and has extensive experience in digital audio recording, as well as stage performances in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Mr. Roberts has been involved in mixing, editing, and directing major stage productions all over North America.

He always loved airplanes. As a kid, WW II fighters were hanging from his ceiling. As an adult, he had the privilege of performing and talking with Edwin (Buzz) Aldren, an F86 pilot in Korea, as well as the commander of the first manned mission to the moon on Apollo 11.

Jon Roberts took his first flight lesson in the mid seventies, but could not continue due to financial concerns and travels in the music business. Now he is back into aviation and wants to become a flight instructor.






 Radek Wyrzykowski

Just a "Plane Guy" #2

 Born in Poland long time ago, Radek Wyrzykowski came to US as a political refugee. Radek obtained his Professional Pilot degree from Mohawk Valley, under the SUNY Albany program and has more than 5000 hours.

 He was the Chief Flight Instructor for various flight schools in the US. He contributed to a Polish general aviation magazine PILOT Club where he published many of his articles.

He is a Master Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor. He is a Representative for FAAS Team, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators’ member number 0018 and a member of the National Association of the Flight Instructors.

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